Checkout page in iframe

Instead of redirecting a buyer to CertoConnect checkout page it can be shown in iframe:


Why can it be useful?

Redirection to a third party checkout may scare your clients away. Keep a buyer thinking that he is on your site while doing a payment.

How can I use it?

To use iframe you should send to our server <input name="frame" type="hidden" value="1" > additionally to parameters as described here and adjust html-code of your checkout page with the instructions below.

Add the links to jQuery library and iframe file into 'head' section:

  <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
  <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

Add 'cc_form' class to your form and 'cc_submit' class to a submit button as follows:

<form action='' class='cc_form' method='post'>
  <input class='cc_submit' type='button' value='Checkout' />

Please note

Some payment methods do not support iframe (e.g. PayPal). So, after a buyer clicks on 'PayPal' button in iframe it shuts down and your buyer will be redirected to PayPal checkout.

iframe is supported for: credit cards, Ukash, Moneybookers.

For any specific payment method please contact or create a ticket