Post-back Notification

When you supply "notification_url" to the orders you submit to CertoConnect for processing, we will send you a notification to this URL when the order has been processed.

The notifications are sent using HTTP POST method with the body containing the following order parameters:

  • order[id]
  • order[number]
  • order[currency]
  • order[total_amount]
  • order[status]
  • signature
  • tracking_params

'tracking_params' is a hash which contain all parameters you passed to us on order's creating stage.

You should verify the integrity of the received parameters with the provided signature.

The signature is built by concatenating your Secret and a combination of "key=value" pairs sorted alphabetically by key. The resulting string should be encoded using SHA1 cryptographic hash function. Please note that the method to generate the signature is similar with the method used for sending order parameters to CertoConnect server. However, the signature in the notification message is generated with more keys: currency, ID, number, status and total_amount.

For example, for the following parameters:

  • order[currency] - "USD"
  • order[id] - "83"
  • order[number] - "777"
  • order[status] - "completed"
  • order[total_amount] - "1000"
  • secret - "YOUR_SECURE_WORD"

you should build a string:


and encode it with SHA1. The signature will be: